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Thread: Web Push notifications using OneSignal

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    Web Push notifications using OneSignal


    OneSignal has an API that allows us to send unlimited web and push notifications for FREE. When I came to know about it, I spent several days and months searching for compatible plugins for vB4. Finally decided to learn and create my own based on pierce's similar mod for Xenforo.

    Push notifications is a great way to keep your members engaged. It keeps driving them back to your site. This mod works great on mobile browsers as well.

    This is the lite version which allows you to send web push notifications to your users whenever:

    1. someone replies on their subscribed threads
    2. sends them a PM
    3. likes one of their posts (dbtech thanks)


    1. Register an account at

      • Click on Add a new app to register your forum there
      • Select Web Push as the platform
      • Configure Web Push by selecting Typical Site and enter you forum details
      • Add at least one prompt and complete the remaining setup there. Leave most of the options as default. Only change where necessary.
      • After you click Save, you will get a few files to download.
      • Download those files, extract them and upload them to your forum's root directory.
      • There is another section on the same page asking you to add code to your site. DO NOT add that code yet. It is automatically done when you install this product.
    2. Download attached zip file. Upload the file functions_OneSignal.php under /includes directory
    3. Install the product using the xml file
    4. Go back to, under settings, click on Keys & IDs.
    5. Copy these keys and paste them in the settings in admincp.

    I am not associated with onesignal in any way. This is just something that I found useful for my forum and wanted to share with everyone else.

    If I get enough support then I plan to add notifications for moderators' actions and for quotes and tags as well.

    Change log:
    1.0.1 - Fixed Table Prefix bug
    1.0.0 - Initial Release

    Visit to download the product.

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    Subscribed thread notifications

    on Mobile (Android)

    on desktop/laptop

    on MAC OS

    New PM notification

    Post like notification

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